• Diagramming Sentences: A Brief Introduction
    An online diagram primer.
  • Sentence Diagrams: One Way of Learning English Grammar
    This online diagram primer includes examples of sentence diagrams from famous texts (e.g., Constitution, Gettysburg Address). The author of the site will even diagram a sentence for you.
  • Diagramming Latin Sentences
    This link is designed for students of Latin. You can see why Reed-Kellogg's system fits well with earlier grammars (which usually were based on Latin, not on English).
  • The First Whole Book of Diagrams
    This book is designed for homeschoolers.
  • The Straight Dope: How Do You Diagram the Sentence 'See Spot Run'?
    This humorous Web site illustrates how Reed-Kellogg diagrams of simple sentences can become very complex—as Cecil Adams puts it, the diagram of 'See Spot Run' looks like "the Flying Wallendas playing jai alai."
  • Rex Barks: Diagramming Made Easy
    This book provides a step-by-step instruction in sentence diagramming.
  • Political sentence diagrams (optional reading for entertainment purposes)
    This article about Sarah Palin and this blog entry about Barack Obama use sentence diagrams to support liberal political claims. I looked for similar articles written from other political perspectives but couldn't find any; if you know of any, please send in a link.  (Why should liberals have all the diagramming fun?)
  • The War Against Grammar
    Classics professor David Mulroy's book shows how sentence diagrams can help readers understand complex texts (e.g., a poem by Emily Dickinson). Don't be fooled by his claims about the National Council of Teachers of English, though--far from advocating "grammar free" English teaching, the nation's largest English teacher's organization supports informed grammar instruction and offers many, many grammar resources for teachers, including lesson plans. Go to the NCTE website and search for grammar to get a sampling. Moreover, the Assembly for Teachers of English Grammar (ATEG) is an NCTE organization. If you teach English and you haven't joined the NCTE, you should--otherwise you're missing a great deal.
  • Kitty Burns Florey
    The homepage of the author of Sister Bernadette's Barking Dog: The Quirky History and Lost Art of Diagramming Sentences, a paean to sentence diagramming.
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